Is Gender Evil? Google’s double standard.


Google has made its business off of classifying people into groups. The majority of its business comes from targeting advertisements to user segments that are divided by a variety of factors, but not least amongst them is gender.
This may come across as somewhat of a double standard considering their recent move to silence an internal critic of their so called “Ideological Echo Chamber.”

James Damore was recently fired from the company because of sharing views that would come across as logical to many people. Men and women are not exactly the same. He put a lot of effort into backing what should be obvious by thoroughly annotating with links to scientific studies proving exactly that.Regardless of the validity of his argument, Being able to at least bring up and talk about topics that are contentious is the very cornerstone upon which our civilization is built. Google claims to be founded on the fundamentals of free speech, however this event shows that it only thinks that free speech extends to those that agree with them.


How is Google Making Money off Gender?


  • In 2015 Google took in 17.3 Billion dollars in Ad revenue.
  • Google builds a profile on you including gender
  • Google then allows companies to target your gender for its ads.

Doesn’t this seem like a double standard? Google will fire James for pointing out his views on differences in gender, then at the same time utilize the same differences to make Billions.


Hit them Where it hurts


Sign this position to Google asking them to remove gender based targeting from their adsense program. If they truly believe that there are no difference between men and women and didn’t fire James merely to appease the politically correct hivemind then they should be willing to stand behind it. So Google, Is Gender Evil?